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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author, Related Links.

Claire Rosemary Jane, homepage. : "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan"
"Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan": Outlets for the book.
"Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan": Reviews of the book.
Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author: Are you looking for a good speaker?
Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.: Booklaunch at the N.E.C. Birmingham, U.K.
"Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" : Teeshirts by mail order.
Claire Rosemary Jane, English Children's Author. : Personal Profile

Children's Literature; Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.

Please note that this page has been replaced as a result of updating my website. The links on this page will take you to the various pages on my website, or to the description of the book on the Lutterworth Press website. Thank you for your interest, please e-mail me if you have any questions as a result of your visit.

Claire Rosemary Jane
United Kingdom

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