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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author

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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.: International Motor Show, N.E.C. Birmingham, October 1998.
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"Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan", written by English Children's Author Claire Rosemary Jane, is the first of an intended set of children's books intended for children age 5 to 9 years, and their parents. The book was published in October 1998, and launched at the International Motor Show, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------The first book, priced 3-99, is published by The Lutterworth Press, P.O.Box 60, Cambridge, CB1 2NT, United Kingdom; Tel 01223-350865; email; sales at ----------------------------------------------------------------------The first of an intended series about the two cars of the title, Carol and Mickey, owned by the fictitious Townsend family, the book is believed to be the first book ever published in the United Kingdom to feature actual cars still in production. The stories are often based on events which have actually happened. The stories are in fact geographically and historically accurate, and the stories of the series are also chronologically accurate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The first book contains four stories; "Carol Corsa and her family", "Carol goes fruit picking"; "The Angry Tractor"; and "Mickey Morgan". A further 32 stories have been written so far; contact the publishers regarding future publications. The book is illustrated throughout by Robert Hutchinson, with accurate and colourful pictures. Future stories include: "Carol Corsa is poorly" (about the fear of being ill), "Carol goes to the seaside", (Carol first hears about competitive hillclimbing), "Mickey Morgan" (How Mickey, damaged by his previous owner, is restored), and "Carol goes to hospital" (how Carol feels helpless, but learns that she could help after all). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The book is available from selected bookshops in the U.K.; The Morgan Motor Company; and direct from the publishers. Suggested specific outlets include; WH Smith; Malvern, Taunton and Birmingham branches, Ledbury Bookshop; Beacon Bookshop, Malvern; Beverley Bookshop, Yorkshire; Advance Bookshop, Lincoln; Powneys Bookshop, Shrewsbury; Linghams Booksellers, West Kirby; for a more complete list, click on "Outlets for the book." link.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the USA, the book is available via Barnes and Noble.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please e-mail the address on this page if you wish to update the list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Site last updated 1st August 2004.

Claire Rosemary Jane,
Somerset, United Kingdom

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