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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.
United Kingdom

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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.
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Claire Rosemary Jane , Children's Author.
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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.
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Claire Rosemary Jane, Children's Author.
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A delightful children's book about the adventures of 2 cars and the family that owns them. Each of the stories show the author has a good knowledge of cars, the use they are put to and what children enjoy when reading or being read to. The author has clearly done much research and grounded the stories in her own experiences. The book is the first in a series and they will hopefully go on to provide many hours of entertainment. (Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.)

A new book about two motor cars, set to be a smash hit with youngsters. (Fenland Citizen.)

Parents and children alike will be attracted to these stories, this the first in the series includes four stories about two loveable, sensible cars. (Best of British magazine.)

The Morgan car, with its friendly face, and traditional feel, appeals to all ages, and has the unique ability to bring out the young person in anybody. All children's books need to have some character around which to build a story, and the book "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" has used our car to good effect in a good story. (Matthew P.Parkin, Sales and Marketing Manager, The Morgan Motor Company Ltd)-------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Photograph below (courtesy of Peter Upton, Tel: March (01354)654292) shows Claire presenting prizes in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

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