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CLAIRE ROSEMARY JANE, CHILDREN'S AUTHOR ---------Somerset, United Kingdom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photograph below shows Claire Rosemary Jane with children from North Town Primary School, Taunton. Photograph courtesy of Tom Maxwell, Taunton (01823) 284881.


CLAIRE ROSEMARY JANE is renowned for her excellent rapport with children and teenagers, and is available to speak to children in primary and secondary schools, or indeed to other relevant and interested groups, in any part of the world, at very competitive rates plus expenses. ---------------------------------------------------------------- For information concerning bookings, either visit the Live Literature Network Website, or The National Association of Writers in Education Website, or e-mail Claire direct for further information. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Claire does not mind what size the audience is, but the larger the better, with a preferred minimum of twenty. The audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout Claire's presentation, and frequent pauses are included specifically for these. ----------------------------------------------------------------- As a contemporary musician and writer, Claire has a very good knowledge of a variety of subjects, but talks generally concentrate on creative writing in general, and on "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" in particular. -------------------------------------------------------------- The story as to how the idea came about for the first book and the stories which developed from the original idea, is a fascinating one. And as the books are set in actual places in the U.K., and are based closely on events which have actually happened, the books as a whole contain a certain amount of educational value. So far, nine books have been written, of which the first one was published in October 1998. --------------------------------------------------------------- The book "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" and the subsequent stories which followed were written with a number of things in mind; (a) to create stories with a factual basis, (b) to create a book which would appeal to both girls and boys, (c) to encourage children to learn that reading can be both informative and fun, and (d) to create a set of stories that emphasise the values of being kind and considerate, and that good manners are important.

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